Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Leiya's First Ballet Experience

Leiya is now tkaing Ballet lessons. This is the story of her fist day, and the evening leading up to it when we needed to get all her Ballet stuff.

Carla and Leiya went by themselves, as sort of a mother daughter adventure, and what an adventure it was...They first started off with dinner at Taco Bell, which went well and spirits were high.

At Wal Mart, they began looking for the required items: Black Leotard and Pink tights. Carla had been told they were at Wal Mart. They were, just in large kid sizes. Nothing even close to what Leiya needed.

So then it was off to the shoe store to get the Pink Leather Slippers Leiya needed.

Well, although this pictures looks happy, what you dont see, is that they looked and looked and had to settle on these shoes, which were a couple sizes to big.....

Now it was off to Target, surely they had the Leotard and tights......um, no they didn't...back to Wal Mart to see if they could make something work....

At Wal Mart, nothing seemed to work....the Leotards there were way to big and there was nothing Carla could do to make them work....well, back again to Target in a last ditch effort to find something....

Well, couldn't find anything black, so again, they had to settle....

A compromise....black with pink.....cute, but not what the class required.....Luckily, a friend had an old Leotard Leiya ended up using...what an adventure they had...thanks Gianna!!!!

With the clothing adventure out of the way, it's down to business....getting ready to do Ballet!

Leiya in a tu-tu....doing ballet of course.....

Doing ballet stuff
More ballet stuff

Getting instructionas on how to do more ballet stuff

She broke her foot doing ballet stuff......well actually she just needed to have her slipper fixed....

More instruction

Doing some REAL ballet stuff......Ryan couldn't do this...he tried....

Thanks to Kaelyn staying after her own class, she made Leiya feel more comfortable and Leiya had a better time....Thanks Kaelyn!

The Bathtub photo shoot

Well, we broke out the studio equipment and took some nice shots of the kids. They turned out great and these will make nice pictures for the guest bathroom!

Camping with the Bentons

We went camping up near Avery a couple weeks ago. We had a lot of fun and took a lot of pictures to share, here are some of our favorites....

Leiya loved driving Carla around the campgrounds....well. she thought she was driving...

She doesn't need to see "over" the steering wheel, she can see "through" it!

Our family, sitting in Phil's speedster golf cart....

Our family outside of Phil's new trailer, we were realyl "roughing it," air conditioning, TV, radio, DVD....life's rough
Our kids

Our Camping trip (Continued)

Daddy's shoes next to Leiya's...

Comic relief during the camping trip

Uncle Mitch and Aunt April with Lukas and Leiya

Lukas loved being outdoors

Leiya wants to be a World Champion Tether Ball player......eventually


Playing at the park with Ethan

Kickin it with Garrett

Andrew and Lukas holding hands

Don't we look cool with our shades?

Pictures through the month

Mommy and her "Love Bugs."

"Best Buds"

A photo of "the sexy Photo Man....."

Pictures through the month

"Look mommy, triangle...."

Doesn't he look cute?

Lukas really likes to sit up

Leiya loves her "Ifecream"

Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy 7 Months Lukas!

Happy 7 months Lukas! Where has the time gone? We love you so much! Love, Mommy and Daddy!