Sunday, June 10, 2007


Mommy and Leiya took a "Mommy and Me" swim class. they had soo much fun!
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I love bubbles!!!!!
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Leiya is plotting her next move......
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Leiya is showing dad a thing or two on the drums...
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The Bentons' went camping with their friends....

So it was bedtime. Carla put Leiya in the tent and we all went back outside. A short time later, we heard a zipping sound. When we went and looked, we realized what it was. Leiya had figured out how to open the tent window. She would unzip the window, play peak-a-boo and then zip the window back up. Shortly after this, her play-pen was moved, a little bit further away from the window......
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Santa Cruz

While camping, we went to the New Brighton Beach. Leiya had a lot of fun!

Leiya...striking a pose

Leiya is trying to copy some of the surfers she saw....

Leiya, clinging to mommy to protect her form those mean waves...which, by the way, completly soaked her pants shortly after this photo was taken.....
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We all took a trip to Monterey for a couple days...

We went to the Aquarium....

Leiya loved the fish!

And the sand!
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Here are some recent pictures of Leiya...isn't she Beautiful?

Here is Leiya On Mother's Day

Our little "Poppy Girl"

You go girl!

Playing on the beach.....
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